About Us


SteamPunkBug offers custom decals and themes applied to insects and invertebrates or other vertebrate animals or toys. This cutting-edge technology can be also marketed through us or on social media. Even recently, a non-branded motorized insect received over 100 million views.


Rare And Odd LLC, established in 2023 by owner Steve Raymond, introduces “SteamPunkBug” brand. Steve’s journey began in 1994 when he earned an Honors degree in Visual Arts and later founded Rare Reptiles Inc, the first home-based pet shop in Washington State. He expanded into a private zoological and commercial facility, gaining global recognition for his work when networking with breeders and zoos.

TheBugfather is offering customization on futuristic beetles, cicadas, and other insects.  You can choose your bug from our selection, select case or frame, background styles, lighting options, background, and utilize our patent pending “Branding Bug” services to have custom decals of our or your own graphics, brands and designs. Customization fees do apply. More samples of options & pricing available upon request. Lighting maybe LED quad spotlights, wraparound, and modern digital styles. Cases available in plastic, and some small to medium glass domes available for insects as well. Sample raw insects and custom quotes available upon request, and later maybe featured here. Email for personal service today!