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SteamPunkBugs offers custom decals and themes applied to insects and other organisms, as well as apparel and toys, and much more. Brand your business today and create traffic to your store or company. Recently, a non branded dynamic insect, received nearly 100 million views!

In addition to any ebay or etsy marketplace policies, if purchased there, the following general terms are here outlayed. SteamPunkBugs art pieces are composed of individually unique specimens.

The images on website are potential representations of what is available. Variations may occur. If concerned with what you will receive, either already in stock, or custom order, discuss prior to ordering.

Specimens may vary in size, color, and shape. Due to the nature of the fragility of each piece, in some rare cases, a small leg, antennae, etc, could need to be attached caused by handling or vibrations in shipping. Unless buyer covers shipping, both ways for us to repair, then buyer agrees to remedy such detail work at their own discretion. We pack very well, and dried insects can be fragile. Any damage to package is required to be reported within 48 hours of scheduled delivery.

Our terms for other oddities are similar and details on specific sales will be agreed upon prior to sale. In the event a package has notable damage, prior to opening, we require a photograph so that you can arrange accommodations with us to resolve.

Shipping is currently available in the United States only at this time. All payments must be received prior to shipping and we reserve the right to refuse service if suspicious behavior, and or fraudulent attempts to purchase are made. We do our best to help and are reasonable.

SteamPunkBugs are packed with expertise, and your experience should be great. If there are any issues, please read the above, and contact us first, prior to leaving feedback. These terms are subject to change with or without notice.

All images are property of SteamPunkBugs and maybe subject to copyright, trademark, and patent laws. Please enjoy the art and let us know how we can help you have a great experience.

Any memes, themes or images up are not intended to violate any intellectual property rights. If their is an issue, please contact us, and if required, we will remedy.

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Shipping costs will be calculated at the time of checkout. Box and package materials are free of charge, with purchase.

Thanks, TheBugFather™

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